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"Diapered Detention"

70 minutes playing time
Featuring Sasha, Kari and Rob

College student Sasha had been kept behind class in detention. She is still being naughty and thoroughly deserves the OTK spanking she gets from her teacher, Mr Jeffries.
She is made to stand facing the wall on the Naughty Mat and ordered not to move while Mr Jeffries leaves the room for a short while. Sasha is busting for a pee and decides she would really show Mr Jeffries for ordering her not to move by peeing there and then on the mat.

Her furious teacher returns and spanks her hard and then calls for the school nurse to diaper her right there on the desk.

Sasha still doesn't know how to quit while she is ahead and acts so silly that Mr Jeffries instructs the nurse to push a pacifier in Sasha's loud mouth dress her in a bonnet, booties, smock and pants over her diaper. He then sets up a playpen at the front of the classroom and bodily lifts her into it to spend the rest of her detention time.

The nurse throws in a couple of plush toys for her to play with and laugh at her. She is no longer the hot little number that all the girls envied and boys wanted to date.

Sasha complains she is hungry and wants a soda but nurse has more a suitable solution - warm milk in a bottle with a teat. She lays Sasha across her lap and bottle feeds her.

Mr Jeffries comes back into the room and lifts Sasha out of the playpen depositing her on a chair. Nurse Kari mixes up some mushy cereal she found in a box and spoon feeds Sasha. Sasha struggles and fights and gets it all over her face but nurse prevails.
Sasha still acts up and is stood on the Naughty Mat once more. You wouldn't believe it but she pees into her diaper. Nurse Kari has to change her into a fresh diaper. All the time Mr Jeffries is teasing and humiliating her.

Mr Jeffries delivers the news that there has been a bad snow storm and the roads are impassable. The three of them have to sleep at the school overnight. Sasha is devastated. Nurse Kari embarrasses Sasha even more when she strips off her clothes and dresses her in a footed pyjamas for the night. Also here is no more food so she undoes her bra to nurse and make struggling Sasha have milk from her breasts.

Of course Sasha must stay in the playpen at the front of the classroom where her stunned friends and laughing enemies will come across her in the morning. She has never been so helpless and humiliated in her life when Mr Jeffries and nurse Kari turn off the lights and lock the classroom door on their way out.
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